• How do I enrol my child at Lipscombe?

    Places at Lipscombe are limited, but applications for enrolment are always welcome. When we receive your application you will be placed on a wait list. Please use our online application form to register your interest.

  • How long is the wait list?

    Our wait list fluctuates but at times can be quite extensive – there are many children on our wait list who have not been born yet! Because of this, we ask that you maintain regular (3-monthly) contact with us to let us know that you are still interested in attending Lipscombe.

  • Who can enrol?

    It is a condition of approval for Child Care Benefit that our service complies with Family Assistance Laws. Accordingly, access to our services is in accordance with the Australian Government Priority Access guidelines.

    Current Government regulations state that:

    • First priority for placement should be given to children at risk of serious abuse or neglect.
    • Second priority for placement should be given to children of single parents who satisfy the work/training/study test then parents who both satisfy the work / training/study test
    • Third priority should be given to all other children.
  • Do I need to immunise my child to attend?

    A record of current immunisation is required at time of enrolment. If your child can not be immunised or you have chosen not to have your child immunised a certificate of exemption from your doctor must be provided. Current information assists us to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all children in the event of a communicable disease outbreak.

  • Which program is right for my child?

    We have a variety of age-based programs at Lipscombe, please see our program pages for more information. Still not sure? Give us a call!

  • What do I need to bring? / What is provided?

    Your child’s daily needs will differ depending on their age; however all children attending the centre for a full or half day are asked to bring a bag to fit their belongings in, two full changes of clothes, their lunch and a summer hat or winter hat and coat. More detail about what to bring can be discussed with your carer.

  • Do I need to pack a lunch?

    We provide a nutritious morning and afternoon tea. Children are required to bring their own lunch and a water bottle. If you have a baby attending the centre, please send enough bottles of milk for their time in care.

    NOTE: we are an allergy aware centre and ask you to please not send any nut based products in your child’s lunch.

  • What is the payment structure?

    A fee structure will be provided with your enrolment package that details fees, services and additional charges which may be applied to your account. Accounts are generated monthly and a range of payment options are available.

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