Developing skills in Playhouse

Playhouse is located at our Lipscombe Avenue site and caters for toddlers aged from 2 to 3 years. Children attending this room are rapidly “growing up”, developing independence and sometimes beginning to form first relationships with their peers. Children in Playhouse continue to rely on trusted caregivers to ensure all routine needs are met, but this is now balanced with time, freedom and patience to support rapidly emerging self-help skills.

Children will have opportunity to practice emerging skills as well as extend to new challenges. Children are never pressured to participate, rather are offered a range of options to ensure they are engaged and content within the group, experiencing the buzz associated with mastering a new skill or trying a new experience in a safe secure environment where we celebrate the little things!

The Environment

The Playhouse room is a flexible space that caters for all routine activities as well as a wide range of play experiences. The room divides to cater for individuals, small groups and whole group activities. Indoor and outdoor experiences are a regular part of each day, with outdoor play readily available to children. We aim for children to be able to explore and enjoy the natural environment.

Sarah and the Playhouse team look forward to meeting you soon.

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