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Since it's beginning, Lipscombe has had a strong community focus. We believe that children are nurtured by family first, but that their interactions and relationships with their local and wider community can have a positive influence on who they become.

For our infants, community interaction is limited to the people coming and going from the centre regularly. A sense of security and protection is fundamental to positive social and emotional outcomes for life.

Our toddlers, located on the lower level of the centre, start to develop understanding of their local spaces, places and people. We say hello to our neighbours from the safety of our facility and become familiar with regular visitors.

At Seagulls and Nutgrove, experiences such as dance, music and yoga enrich the in house program. These visiting specialists become part of our circle and provide many benefits. Seagulls and Nutgrove children also enjoy local walks and excursions into the wider community. Destinations are local favourites, such as when we visit the seniors at Guilford Young Grove, or places relevant to our teaching and learning. Children share in school activities and participate in mentor and buddy programs with older children.

By the time children attend a Vacation Care program, they are well practiced at how to go out and about safely as part of a group. Vacation Care takes us all over the place - from a local walk to a day at Russell Falls and many things in between.

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Seagulls explore the neighbourhood