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Why choose Playhouse

As your child grows from an infant to a toddler their needs and interests will change. Playhouse marks the transition between the homelike environment of Bumble Bee and the school-readiness of Nutgrove or Seagulls, while maintaining the nurturing, personalised care that Lipscombe is renowned for.

Our Playhouse staff team enjoy working in collaboration with families to develop toddlers' self help skills, personal care and independence.


What happens at Playhouse

Days spent at Playhouse are never dull. With a combination of free play and structured learning time, both indoor and outdoors, the Playhouse program promotes independence and confidence in your toddler.

Our experienced educators will focus on literacy development through books, stories, rhymes, singing and puppets. Your child will also enjoy a range of creative experiences including painting, pasting, play dough, clay, sandy and water play - and our small group approach leaves plenty of opportunity for imaginative play. Dressing up clothes, building blocks, train sets, gardening tool and every day objects are all staples of the Playhouse program.

For more information about our Playhouse program please contact us, or sign up for the waiting list here